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11 May 1980
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Hello, my name is Briar and I'm a fandom whore.

That's probably the most important thing you need to know if you're considering reading this journal. However, here's a bit more, just in case...

I'm old enough to know better, and also old enough not to give a damn. Sarcasm is my best friend, cynicism comes in a close second. Content here may be controversial, or it may just be boring whining. It all depends on my mood. I'm not a grammar nazi, though I do consider basic skills involving capital letters and punctuation to be my friends. Spelling, however, is likely to be off frequently. Particularly if I'm posting fic, feel free to point out where I make errors. Sometimes I forget to spell check.

Fiction posted here is primarily fanfic (I've another journal for original fiction, that I try to keep seperate from this one) and will most often probably be slash. Meaning, usually male/male relationships. That doesn't bar out instances of female/female relationships, or heterosexual pairings. But, if you're reading this journal, be aware that you'll be seeing posts about men loving other men. If that's not your thing, you're free to jump ship whenever you want. I promise not to be offended.

Next. I'm a parent, and a single one at that. I do mention my child here sometimes, though not all that often. Also mildly important to this, I've chosen to homeschool. My reasons are my own, though I will say that if you wander over to fanfiction.net and take a look at the general quality of writing there, you may see why I feel despair when considering the public schooling system in the US. Or, you could just hit up a random LJ and get much the same effect.

On to another point. I'm pagan. It isn't really an issue, and only comes up in casual mention most of the time, but to save time and grief, there you go. This doesn't mean I've never picked up a Bible. In fact, there are self-professed Christians that have opened their Bibles less often that I've opened mine. It's my opinion that everyone's faith belongs to no one but themself, and I'm happy to respect the beliefs of others so long as they respect mine. In other words, don't bother coming here to preach to me unless you're willing to have me preach back to you. Live and let live are some of the wisest words I've ever heard.

Speaking of that... When I have to label my sexuality, I prefer to use the term pansexual. Though, for folks that don't know or care what that means, I'll define myself as bisexual. The short explination is thus: I love people, not the bits between their legs or on their chests. I am infuriated that same-sex marriage is not recognized in the vast majority of the US, and that rights can easily be ignored because the two people in love are of the same gender. Now and then, I feel the need to rant about this. Now and then, I feel the need to be sad about this. It's wrong, and I hope to see it change for the better within my lifetime. I once read a fanfic that said something about this that touched me deeply.

"Hands are hands. Mouths are mouths. People are people. Love is love. They just have many different forms."
~From Pledges by amireal.

That, I guess, sums up everything important you need to know about me. If you'll be staying, welcome, and if you'll be moving on, farewell.

All current icons were made by me and I would appreciate if they weren't stolen without someone asking first. However, if you'd like to use them, I do appreciate credit. Though, I really haven't the time to run around checking on things like that.

Brushes not made by me and used on my icons come from the following sources:

Absolute Trouble - meleada

The heart brushes I've lost the source for, which makes me very sad. However, I didn't want to claim them as mine, and will add the credit when I finally find it again.

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