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PLEASE NOTE: The information provided here is in no way guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Cast information is provided to the best of my knowledge and the limit of my patience when googling for it. If you notice mistakes, please feel free to point them out. Downloads for people I actually know (aka those on my f-list) take priority over random upload requests. I don't promise fast turnaround, but will do the best I can.

If I am missing part of a series, or dramas featuring Miki Shinichirou, uploads of those are greatly appreciated. I don't require trades to upload anything, but won't say no to most offers either.

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First! A meme taken from hauntedreality.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

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Now that that's over (harder than I thought!), I should mention that I've been ridiculously busy lately. cloverflynn and I took the kidlet to Niagara Falls and Marineland. I've heard a lot of stories about how getting back into the US is the bigger pain, but it seemed to me that we were more questions getting into Canada. All in all, a pretty good trip, though more expensive than I'd thought it would be.

Finished and sent my saltydogstories fic, which will give me some free time. Kind of, as all of a sudden I'm on 6 days a week at work. Though, from what I was told tonight when I tried to go home early (it was super slow), the reason is that the boss says I'm the person who is to be training our new person all of her first week. Which also explains why she's been on the exact same shift as I've been on since Saturday. Luckily, she's awesome, picking up things quickly and quite a bit of fun to work with.

Finally, at the moment, there's the project cloverflynn and I have been working on. Which, starting today, is getting started at last. www.bitonalitycomic.com We'll be posting the story M-W-F, so it'll be a little while before there's a lot there to read. The site needs a few more tweaks (particularly the character section), but I'll be fixing that up over the next bit.

Now, I'm fairly exhausted, so I think I'm going to curl up and read for a bit. One more day of work before my one day off, and I'm supposed to start an electricity unit study with Dev tomorrow.
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The Good:

-Paid several bills, had some money left over and bought myself a red Nintendo DS
-At same time, bought The World Ends With You, have great love for Joshua, but have not fished game because...
-Picked up first Phoenix Wright game, used. ... Not enough keyboard smash in the world for how much I love Edgeworth. Would hit Edgeworth so hard he'd see stars, if not for the fact that I'm sure Phoenix beat me to it.
-Purchased next two PW games in short order, am halfway through third game (Collapse ))
-Havemercy by Jaida Jones (ladyjaida) and Danielle Bennett (whose LJ name I sadly don't know offhand) Read this book in almost one sitting, sadly heavy eyes defeated me at 4am and I had to finish the next day. Want a Balfour of my own, Hal and Royston are *adorable* beyond words and I can't help but think Rook/Thom would be awesome to a level somewhat more than epic.
-Salty Dog V comes out next week and I already have it preordered from Amazon Japan. Along with Saiyuki Reload 9 and Saiyuki Gaiden 3 (Finally!).
-Have idea and beginning for my saltydogstories fic. Haven't written this fandom before. Hope I can pull it off.
-Rough dates have been set for launching the project I'm working on with cloverflynn. I find this ridiculously exciting.

The Bad:

-Work, as I can only stand two of my immediate coworkers lately. Those two coworkers are the ones I work with least, also. It's improving, a little bit, but I still leave for most shifts with a feeling of dread.
-My car desperately needs to be inspected, especially as I need to drive it a pretty long way next week.

The Ugly:
-Speaking of next week, in with the Salty Dog V thing, is the fact that Minekura-sensei will be doing a signing for the release. This is ugly because I don't live in Japan, cannot go under any circumstances at all, and quite nearly burst into tears each time I think about it. This level of obsession is probably unhealthy.
-Due to copyright violation issues, Nitta Youka-sensei is not attending Y-Con as guest of honor this year. In her place is Yamato Nase-sensei, the author of what is probably my second favorite BL series. I had come to grips with the fact that I couldn't go this year, and now I look at Yamato-sensei's imported books on my shelves and wonder if I could maybe hitchhike across the country and sleep under a bush outside the hotel. ;-;
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... Boy, does this make my life look shallow. XD

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I spilled water on my laptop keyboard. This was, obviously, not a good thing. I picked up a USB keyboard, because I haven't the money to replace this laptop at the moment (soon now, I will be building my own system though) but, this laptop is in such rough shape that there are still a few issues with the USB keyboard. Such as the fact that 99% of the time the space bar doesn't work. I've remapped it to the right ALT key, but typing that way is rather annoying. Though I've gotten a lot better recently, since while I've avoided most internet based typing, I still have writing to do.

This is why I've been missing for quite a while, for the most part. Still busy with babysitting, the job and my kid also, but even so I've had time to gain a few new fandoms and obsess hard over a few old favorites. (Bleach, especially. I'm in the middle of reading the manga from the beginning.)

I really wish I weren't having keyboard trouble, since I've actually been struck by an urge to try and fit some fandom writing in with the original stuff lately. I miss fandom. ;-;

I also miss my f-list. While I do keep up (most of the time) on reading, I still feel like I'm missing a lot. So. Hello f-list~! How are you?

(Replies may be somewhat short, because even though my speed is better, the keyboard still annoys me at times. However, feel free to tell me tales of you latest exploits. Or say whatever random thing that you like. Also, my old e-mail address is pretty much toast [spam killed it] so if you want a current gmail address let me know. I can take longer answering e-mails, so longer replies are more likely that way.)
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There have been tons of posts on my f-list about the LJ drama. I'm not going to go on and on about it, as everything that needs to be said has been, and by people far more eloquent than I.

Instead, I'm just going to give the rundown on what this is going to mean for my particular journal. I was originally going to say that until I'm TOS'd out, I was going to keep posting here while moving on elsewhere. However, the implication that TOS'd users are being reported to the authorities means that there are a a few things that won't get posted here anymore. At least, not directly.

I've had a website for a while, and I'm considering making another go of installing a blog of my own there. Just for the sake of setting up an RSS feed to announce fic updates. I'm also considering setting up password protection for the adult fics, though I'd rather not.

Thing is, I've been considering removing my fics entirely from my current site, and changing the site to reflect my efforts with original work. So, overall, my plans are still in the air at the moment.

I have, though, started journals at several other currently available sites. This journal has been backed up to GJ (all custom filters were changed to private beforehand, sorry), but otherwise I haven't settled on where to go. I'm mostly waiting for what fandom_flies decides.

But, for anyone that wants to keep track (and in case I'm somehow TOS'd for older things, like pr0n involving Omi from Weiss, which has been posted here in the past) of where I am, my GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal users are both briarwolf, and at JournalFen I'm briar. I don't sign in to those often, but whenever I do I'll be sure to friend back anyone that wants to friend me on those sites.

I do have at least one more important post to make before I can seriously consider leaving here entirely, but as it's later than I thought, I'll be leaving that for another day.
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So I can't post a long entry, but someone said short entries may be working?

Apologies to the f-list for this testing, as I've been unable to post all day. D:

ETA: Still can't post anything of length. Brill.

Mmm, cake!

As the buzz of alcohol wears off, I'm becoming extremely sleepy, but I wanted to make a few notes before I curl up to fall asleep while reading subtitles.

altrntvgrlfrnd is completely awesome, and drove my tipsy ass home, after having her place invaded by people and spending part of the day wandering the bookstore with me somewhat aimlessly. Also. She totally gave me an Urahara shirt, which is awesome in shirt form.

sirengrrri bought me a cake, even though I hate store icing, and made me a cheesecake. The cake had Gojyo/Hakkai on it, from a completely amazing image edit courtesy of altrntvgrlfrnd, using the 'snack' images from Salty Dog IV. I have pictures, but I don't remember if sirengrrri gave me back the memory card for the camera. (She stole it to keep me from deleting the picture she'd taken of me. Little sisters are the devil.)

My mid-life crisis (who has an LJ but never actually uses it), claims she dressed as a mid-life crisis just for me, which was fantastic. Since I don't get to see her much, it was great to see her today. calientegrl620 also got to come down for a while, and shared the art of icing scraping with me. Hee. Jakers gave me a Domo-kun card, which made me laugh.

aramuin wrote me a ton of birthday ficlets, in various fandoms. You can find them here. Fandoms include Howl's Moving Castle, Norse Mythology, Harry Potter and Saiyuki. I've been utterly spoiled.

I got lots and lots of other birthday wishes, with special thanks to apapazukamori and merigold.

Also, many thanks to the anonymous rose givers, whoever you are. The first rose seems to be connected to the snarry_games, and was a very unexpected surprise. The bunch of roses, also unexpected, today came with birthday greetings. Whoever you anonymous givers are, you're very very sweet and certainly brightened my day.

Now, to sleep. If I missed anything here, I'm sure to post about it later, when I'm not nodding my way into slumber.

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